MAP’s Spring Seedling Sale


Massachusetts Avenue Project’s (MAP) Spring Seedling Sale is at present in progress. The seedling deal happens on Thursdays (4pm-6pm) and Saturdays (beginning at 10am), during the time of May – the principal deal was hung on May 10.

Group nursery workers are welcome to stop by 271 Grant Street to buy a pleasant determination of seedlings, including treasure tomatoes, peppers, and herbs, select veggies, and blossom assortments. While MAP does more often than not give seedlings from their own particular seeds, this year, they are exclusively conveying seedlings from the accompanying respectable seed organizations:

After the MAP Farmhouse is up and operational, things will get back typical at the urban homestead site, whereupon time they will most likely have their very own portion seedling choices accessible. Yet, until at that point, there’s still bounty find. On the off chance that you didn’t try developing your own particular seedlings (numerous individuals don’t), at that point make sure to stop by MAP on Grant amid one of the assigned Spring Seedling Sale occasions.

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Material Theming empieza a llegar a Google Maps


Google empezó a usar el lenguaje de diseño llamado Material Design hace más de tres años y ya iba tocando una renovación. La nueva propuesta de diseño para las applications de Google recibe el nombre de Material Theming, fue una de las novedades que pudimos ver durante la pasada conferencia Google I/O y ya feed aplicaciones que están empezando an aplicar las nuevas directrices de diseño.

Google Maps es una de las aplicaciones que está empezando an implementar esta nueva línea visual y ya hemos podido probarla. Con Material Theming, algunas áreas de la application cuentan con una tipografía más redondeada, igual que la que vemos en el logotipo de la propia Google. Además, también se redondean las tarjetas y botones. Como una imagen vale más que mil palabras, mejor vamos a verlo.

Google está probando algunos cambios con diseño Material Theming en Maps, pero de momento todavía no han llegado a todo el mundo y, sobre todo, no esperes un rediseño completo de la application. Para eso habrá que esperar un poco más.

Nothing más abrir la application no notamos cambios importantes. De hecho, en la pantalla de inicio no feed novedades y seguimos teniendo la misma disposición de botones así como el desplegable second rate donde consultar lugares de interés. Es en las tarjetas de sitios donde se encuentran los cambios.

Cuando pulsamos sobre un lugar, Maps nos abre una pequeña tarjeta con información del sitio elegido. En la versión foremost teníamos el nombre, valoración y dos botones para obtener más información o abrir el board de indicaciones. Con el nuevo diseño estas tarjetas reciben un lavado de cara importante, pero además aportan nueva información.

Si el lugar tiene imágenes como es el caso del Mercado Central, éstas aparecerán en la parte unrivaled de la tarjeta, y además podremos ver más deslizando hacia la izquierda. El nombre del sitio aparece en la nueva tipografía más redondeada y, justo debajo, tenemos la valoración, el tiempo que nos costará llegar basado en nuestro medio de transporte routine y el horario. Al last del todo contamos con dos botones de esquinas redondeadas, uno para las indicaciones y otro para llamar por teléfono.

Fortnite: Battle Royale’s Tomato Town Treasure Map:

It’s the ideal opportunity for a radical new arrangement of week after week challenges in Fortnite: Battle Royale. Season 4 is here, and that implies we’ll be looking between objects, finding irregular knickknacks and following fortune maps for an additional ten weeks in quest for those quite significant fight stars that we’ll use to open higher levels on the Battle Pass and perpetually intriguing plunder – however I do like the starter skin for this Battle Pass. Obviously, the non-battle challenges are a portion of the least demanding or the hardest difficulties out there, contingent upon regardless of whether you utilize a guide like this one. The current week’s requests that you take after the fortune delineate in Tomato Town – in the event that you need to do it without anyone else’s help, go forward. If not, read the guide underneath on where to discover the fortune.

To start with, you’ll go to Tomato Town. The vast majority don’t mess with the guide nowadays, yet in the event that you need to discover it you’ll have to go to Tomato Town: it looks much like maps from Season 3. It is, be that as it may, arbitrarily brought forth, so you’ll have to seek low and high to really discover the thing. I burned through three full matches scouring the place and came up purge, so because of YouTube client Flamm for putting me out of my hopelessness. Here’s the guide:

Not hard to parse, that one. You’ll need to go to an indented watercraft in Loot Lake, only south of a major island – really, a smashed comet, from its looks – and inside the piece of the lake that sticks out toward the East. Here’s a guide of that area:

We’re in a lake this time around, so arriving in comfortable start will be your most solid option here. Else, it will be moderate going enduring the water. You should simply arrive on the watercraft for the peak to show up, and this is what that will resemble, with the tree from the guide in the north:

On the off chance that you make it out alive, there are normally some money boxes on that enormous island adjacent. Try not to stress, in any case: you likely won’t make it out alive. The nearness of those chests and the moderately powerless area implies that somebody will quite often execute you minutes after you gather the peak. Civility would manage that your executioner may give you a moment or two to really get the thing, yet too bad – cordiality is hard to come by nowadays. You may need to give it in excess of one shot.

B.C. flooding map 2018


As the flooding danger proceeds in B.C., and thousands have been constrained from their homes, Global News is following where the flooding is affecting groups.

Very nearly 3,000 occupants stay on clearing request, including the individuals who live on around 400 properties in Grand Forks.The West Kettle River, which streams into the Kettle River, is influencing numerous districts, particularly Grand Forks.

The Kettle River at that point joins the Granby River before it streams into the U.S.In the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary, here is a gander at the addresses affected by the flooding (tap the guide to zoom in and move around):Officials expect Highway 3 will probably be shut in various areas in light of flooding, leaving occupants stranded.

Individuals who empty are requested to enlist face to face at the crisis bolster administrations gathering focus at Penticton’s Community Center on Power Street or by calling 250-328-2702. Occupants can likewise contact the crisis activities focus at.Canada’s procedure for dealing with their arrival is nitty gritty in archives acquired only by Global News that point to the obstacles police look in outside warrior examinations, and the option approaches they are attempting in light of the fact that criminal accusations have demonstrated so difficult.

Unveiled under the Access to Information Act, the archives are a stark evaluation of the prospects that previous ISIS contenders like Ali will ever confront criminal accusations upon their arrival to Canada, saying psychological oppression examinations are among the most troublesome the RCMP conducts.

“Regularly, they require proof of a person’s action in outside clash zones, or depend on data gave by accomplices that we are not approved to uncover in court,” as per the records. “The RCMP additionally faces challenges in gathering advanced proof, including access to encoded interchanges.”

Google Maps : voici à quoi ressemble l’app avec le nouveau design Material Theming


Lors de la Google I/O 2018, Google a dévoilé le Material Theming, le successeur du Material Design. Il s’agit des nouvelles consignes de plan livrées standard la firme de Mountain View. Celles-ci gardent les mêmes fondamentaux que le Material Design, mais incitent à in addition to de créativité et de personnalisation de la part des creators et développeurs d’application.

Les applications de Google devraient, selon toutes vraisemblances, être les premières à profiter du Material Theming. Et il semblerait que ce soit Maps qui ouvre le bal. Le géant du web testicle en effet un nouveau outline sur child application de cartographie, mais seule une poignée d’utilisateurs y ont droit pour l’instant.

9to5Google a pu mettre la fundamental sur des catches d’écran illustrant ce changement de plan. Les alterations sont légères, mais intéressantes. Sur la variant actuelle, lorsque vous cherchez une adresse, un panneau apparait au bas de l’écran et indique le nom du lieu, la moyenne des avis laissés standard les utilisateurs et quelques raccourcis vers Street View, Itinéraires et Plus d’infos.

Sur le nouveau outline, on peut voir que le nom du lieu est écrit dans la police de caractères Google Sans. Au-delà de ça, on voit in addition to de boutons aux edges désormais arrondis. Itinéraire est toujours présent, mais les touches Appeler et Partager apparaissent désormais dans la barre inférieure.

Davantage d’informations sur l’adresse recherchée sont aussi affichées dans cette même barre telles que le temps de trajet que cela vous prendra pour y aller avec votre mode de transport habituel, le write d’endroit dont il s’agit (parc, grounds… ) ainsi que les horaires d’ouvertures pour certains lieux.

Juste au-dessus de la fameuse barre, Google Maps affiche parfois un carrousel d’images du lieu. Le raccourci vers Street View est toujours présent.

Ces changes s’inscrivent dans la logique qui anime le Material Theming. Cela dit, il se peut que l’on doive patienter quelque temps avant de voir arriver cette nouvelle form sur la plupart des terminaux. En orderly, vous pouvez toujours consulter notre entretien avec un fashioner d’applications Android pour en savoir in addition to à ce sujet.

Enfin, rappelons que lors de la Google I/O de nouvelles fonctionnalités ont été présentées pour Google Maps. L’application va accueillir des informations reprise in addition to personnalisées et des choices de réalité augmentée.